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Want to win a Bandeau made ESPECIALLY for YOU?! Just in time for summer? REBLOG this post before June 30, 2013 for a chance to win!

I will hand make you a bandeau any size, shape, or color of your choosing!

After choosing the winner I will message you and ask for your measurements of certain areas and then CUSTOM make you the bandeau of your choosing!

How to win:

1. REBLOG this post, like if you must but I will not choose a winner by the likes, only a reblog will win this awesome prize!

2. Must follow ME 

This contest will be completely RANDOM, so the more you reblog the more chances you have to win!

Not the winner? Don’t worry I will be giving out a couple consolation prizes as well, also completely random, MORE CHANCES TO WIN!

So go ahead and REBOG REBLOG REBLOG, and don’t forget to hit that follow button ;D

Love you guys and good luck! <3

Also, my ask box doesn’t bite….hard ;)

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